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"Give it your all and make it beautiful" - Jules Fisher, 2008

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Welcome to Actors Scene 


Established in 2003, Actors Scene Unseen presents live and recorded works in fully staged and radio theatre formats. We feature daily streaming archives of our radio theatre and crossover productions. Our recorded works include over 60 live and original radio theatre broadcasts and 6 CD products.


Design and Production Services

  • In our fully equiped recording studio we can produce your voice demo CD with headshot image or produce your play, book, or poetry as an audio-work.
  • We feature lighting, sound, and projection design services for event, theatre, House of Worship, or permanent installation by a Broadway trained lighting designer.
  • We can also provide customized designs and solutions for computerized sound and lighting systems. Email us for more information.

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Actors Scene Unseen celebrates 10 years on-line, in theatres, and on CD.


Ten years, Actors Scene Unseen broadcast its first on-line show from a small coffeeshop. Ten years later, we are members of the Recording Academy with dozens of musical, theatre, and audio works in our archives. Our supporters made that possible. Thank you, and here's to ten more years!


Mary and Myra by Catherine Filloux is on-sale now!


Actors Scene Unseen produced an Internet Radio verion of Mary and Myra in 2005. Mary and Myra tells the story of how on May 20, 1875 Mary Todd Lincoln was sent to an insane asylum by her only living son, Robert Todd Lincoln, and how she was assisted by her friend, Myra Bradwell (America's first woman lawyer) to gain her freedom. This 2-CD set of Mary and Myra features Meg Wood as Mary Todd Lincoln and Linda Callahan as Myra Bradwell and contains a musical score and bonus tracks of Civil War and Reconstruction era music by Monica Grabin. (Click here to see CD details, listen to audio clips, and purchase a copy of Mary and Myra)


Crystal Ballroom: The Musical (Watch the slideshow below and on the Crystal Ballroom: The Musical Page [Click Here])


In the spirt of the new Broadway and two years in the making, Actors Scene Unseen is proud to present its new rock musical, Crystal Ballroom: The Musical. Inspired by the music and expressive lyrics of New Wave legend Joe Jackson, with an original script by James Vita and Dr. Elizabeth Peterson-Vita.... (more)

Click image to Enter the Crystal Ballroom
Crystal Ballroom: The Slideshow


5 MTA Nominations and 3 Wins for "A Broadway Christmas Carol" (2009) in Special Events and 1 MTA  Exceptional Award Nomination for Actors Scene Unseen


Actors Scene Unseen's 2009 production of A Broadway Christmas Carol was nominated for Outstanding Production (Winner), Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Lead Male Actor (Winner), Outstanding Supporting Male Actor (Winner), and Outstanding Supporting Female Actor. Actors Scene Unseen was also nominated for Theatre Company of he Year.


This production is directed by Dr. Elizabeth Peterson-Vita, music directed by Vicki Harvell, and features staging, lighting and projection design by Broadway trained designer, James Vita...(more)


View a video clip from the 2009 production of
A Broadway Christmas Carol



"This is no lightweight show in terms of performance or production....A Broadway Christmas Carol is a thoroughly enjoyable holiday show." (read full review) - ARTS à la Mode


Actors Scene Unseen Releases "The Fifth Sun" on Audio CD


Click here for more show details!Actors Scene Unseen proudly announces its latest audio CD and 2011 Spoken Word Grammy entry, The Fifth Sun, by Chicago playwright Nicholas A. Patricca. The Fifth Sun on CD was directed by Elizabeth Peterson-Vita and engineered by James Vita.


Purchase The Fifth Sun and our other great Audio CDs in our on-line store on the right side of this page.


On March 24, 1980, while saying Mass, Oscar Romero, the Archbishop of San Salvador, was assassinated. This powerful and acclaimed play presents the story of the people and the forces that transformed an ordinary man into a courageous leader. It is an absorbing play that combines elements of ancient tomb rituals, Mayan temple dramas and medieval morality plays into a contemporary dramatic structure in which we see a human being ultimately embody the moral voice and vision of his people. The Fifth Sun features a haunting musical score by The San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble and Xavier Quijas Yxayotl. ... (more)


Kudos for Actors Scene Unseen's Reprise of its Award-Winning Production of The Turn of the Screw


Click here for more show details!  "All too briefly, Actor's Scene Unseen brought their fine production of The Turn of the Screw back to Spirit Square last week in the entertaining Jeffrey Hatcher adaptation of Henry James's novella......." (read full review from Creative Loafing)


On behalf of The Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month Coalition, Actors Scene Unseen reprised its production of The Turn of the Screw. The Turn of the Screw won five 2009 MTA Awards in Special Events for Outstanding Production, Outstanding Director, Outstanding Male Actor, Outstanding Female Actor, and Outstanding Technical Effect. Actors Scene Unseen performed a scene from The Turn of the Screw at the MTA Awards ceremony on Sunday September 20, 2009... (more)



Technical Mastery

"Give it your all and make it beautiful", Jules Fisher 2008


That was Jules Fishers' advice to his student at the 2008 Live Design Broadway Master Classes at New York University in May 2008. What a thrill in 2007 to meet Hal Prince at a reception and awards ceremony given by the designers who have worked for him.


Live design rebrands BMC


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