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A Broadway Christmas Carol 2009

Crystal Ballroom: The Musical


The Turn of the Screw 2010
by Jeffrey Hatcher 
from the Story by Henry James

At a Glance

Category: Staged Production




April 19, 2010 @ 7:30 PM

April 20, 2010 @ 7:30 PM

April 21, 2010 @ 7:30 PM

Duke Energy Theatre

345 N. College St..
Charlotte, NC 28202





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 Through Special Arrangment with Dramatists Play Service

Sponsored by The Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month Coalition

Michael Harris
Meg Wood

Directed by Elizabeth Peterson-Vita

Scenic, Lighting, and Projection Design 
by James Vita

Winner of Five 2009 MTA Awards in Special Events

Outstanding Production, Outstanding Director, Outstanding Male Lead Actor, Outstanding Female Lead Actor, Outstanding Technical Effect



A young governess journeys to a lonely English manor house to care for two orphaned children. Her inquiries into the children's unusual behavior uncover a dark secret about their relationships with their previous governess, Miss Jessel, and the valet, Peter Quint. The governess begins to see the specters of Quint and Jessel in the children. Are the spirits real, or are they a product of a twisted past?


About the Sponsor


Last year, there were over 12,000 reports of child abuse and neglect in Mecklenburg County. The Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month Coalition is an affiliation of local agencies and individuals who care about Mecklenburg County's children. The Coalition is committed to raising awareness about the severity of child abuse and promoting April as Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month.



"… a ghost story onstage can convey a special aura when well performed. And this one certainly is. … Amy Laughter gives a stunning performance as the young Governess … Aaron White adroitly plays three characters: the Master, the Housekeeper, and the boy Miles … The lighting and set, designed by James Vita, also produce mysterious shadows, colors, and shapes. James's complex psychological study of the ghostly identities and fears that we carry within us, while alive, or find in others as shadows of repressed desires, comes alive in the various stage spaces, performing bodies, and theatrical effects of this production. …perhaps it will be revived by its talented director, Elizabeth Peterson-Vita, at some point in the future, so that more souls may experience the uncanny magic and wisdom of this show."
Review by Mark Pizzato, Arts à la Mode. (Read the entire review)


Amid a dense weekend schedule ... I was able to peep in on Actors Scene Unseen and their venture into Halloween latenight, The Turn of the Screw ... Meg Wood as the governess in Henry James's celebrated ghost yarn ... as followers of her work could have predicted, was merely outstanding ... The real news was Aaron White, making his Charlotte debut in all the other roles at Duke Energy Theatre. White soared over the borderlines that separate one gender from another -- and the living from the dead.

Review by Perry Tannebaum, Creative Loafing. (Read the entire review)


About the Production

  • Director Dr. Elizabeth Peterson-Vita is NY trained and has directed all of Actors Scene Unseen's important productions including Nijinsky's Last Dance, Jack the Musical, Slaughterhouse-5, and Gilgamesh - A Verse Play. She has also guest directed And Then there Were None and Alice in Wonderland for the Lincoln Theatre Guild (LTG). She was nominated for Best Director for Nijinsky's Last Dance by the MTA in 2007.
  • For the past two years, Producer/Designer James Vita has studied design arts with Tony Award Winning master designers in NYC. He has studied Lighting Design with Jules Fisher, Peggy Eisenhauer, and Kevin Adams, Projection Design with Wendell K. Harrington, and Sound Design with Abe Jacob and Jonathan Deans. He has created the technical designs for Actors Scene Unseen's productions of Miller's Court, A Broadway Christmas Carol, and A Shakespeare Christmas Carol

Actors Scene Unseen is a multidisciplinary production company with musicals, staged productions, live radio theatre, and 6 commercial audio CDs. ASU is a member of the Grammy Recording Academy with entries for Grammy consideration in 2009 for A Shakespeare Christmas Carol and in 2008 for Gilgamesh - A Verse Play.

About the Cast

  •  Michael Harris, a native Englishman, performed on stage in England, Germany and South Africa before settling in Charlotte, NC. For the last thirteen years in Charlotte, Michael has been performing on screen, film and stage. Michael played the leading role for two, four part series on Fox’s The Probe Team, winning two Emmy Awards. On film, he played various lead and supporting roles, winning best short film at the New York Film Festival. On stage, Michael has performed mostly with CAST (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Good Doctor, Terra Nova, Closet Land, White Man Dancing, Omnium Gatherum) and Moving Poets (Romeo & Juliet, Swan Lake, A Devil’s Dance, Johannesburg Stories, Genesis). Michael has performed several times with Actors Scene Unseen, most recently in their production of The Canterbury Tales. Last year, Michael was honored to receive the MTA award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama for portraying Edward in CAST’s production of Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me
  • Meg Wood was last seen performing in Collaborative Arts’ production of Julius Caesar and writing and performing in several of Vito Abate’s Just Do It! Series at Theatre Charlotte. This production will mark her return to The Turn of the Screw, after playing the Governess at a midnight performance on Halloween 2008 during Actors Scene Unseen’s original production. Meg has appeared with several Charlotte companies and in regional theatres and in New York City in Off and Off-off Broadway productions for more years than she’d like to admit.


  • 2009 - Winner of 5 MTA Awards in Special Events for The Turn of the Screw
    • Outstanding Production
    • Outstanding Direction
    • Outstanding Lead Male Actor
    • Outstanding Lead Female Actor
    • Outstanding Special Technical Effect
  • 2009 - Nomination for Best Spoken Word CD for Gilgamesh: A Verse Play by Just Plain Folks Awards, Nashville, TN.
  • 2008 - Par Excellence Award by Arts ala Mode
  • 2008 - Nomination for Best Special Effect for Projection Design in A Shakespeare Christmas Carol by Creative Loafing
  • 2007 - Winner of 2 and Nomination for 3 MTA Awards in Special Events for Nijinsky's Last Dance 
    • Outstanding Production
    • Nomination for Outstanding Direction
    • Outstanding Lead Male Actor
  • 2006 - Nomination for Best Spoken Word CD for An Original Radio Drama: The Battle of Alcatraz by Just Plain Folks Awards, CA.
  • 1995 - Top 100 Streaming Media Site for The NPR SynchroCast (tm) of Paul Winter's Winter Solstice Celebration live from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC by Progressive Networks.


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A Broadway Christmas Carol 2009

Crystal Ballroom: The Musical



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