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 An Inspector Calls


Four Cheers for Joan
   by Philip Dunning and L.G. Lighton

At a Glance

Category: Live Radio Production 

Originally Performed:
February 11, 2006

Duke Power Theatre

345 N. College St
Charlotte, NC 28202






World Radio Premiere


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Directed by Elizabeth Peterson-Vita 


Linda Callahan
David de Groot
Kim Ellis
J. Michael Haithcock
Michael Harris
Amy King
Lauren Konen
Bryan Long


Actors Scene Unseen is proud to present this previously published but "lost" play in its theatre family. With the help of her sisters, Joan schemes to enter the genteel life of high society. Four Cheers for Joan is a fabulously funny drawing room farce full of mistaken identity and an ultimate statement about social position. These performances will include live simultaneous audio broadcasts and a intermission performance by the Studio D Saxophone Quartet.


This program is great fun for all audiences, young and old alike.



 An Inspector Calls


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