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 The War of the Worlds

 The Canterbury Tales


Frank's Place
by Alexander Speer

At a Glance

Category: Live Radio Production 

Originally Performed:
November 27, 2004

Duke Power Theatre

345 N. College St
Charlotte, NC 28202



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Directed by Elizabeth Peterson-Vita 

Jerry Colbert
Caryn Crye
Ted Delorme
Kerry Maher
Byron J. Miller


Gina Russo comes home from grad school at Berkeley to help her father, Frank, recover from the death of her mother. Frank, a tough and gifted chef, insists Gina replace her mother in his imagination and in his Italian restaurant. He makes the mistake of hiring a new waiter, Joe Andressen, who stirs deep dreams in Gina. Gina must face a choice between a life of possibility or loyalty to her uncompromising father.


Frank’s Place contains adult themes.




 The War of the Worlds

 The Canterbury Tales



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