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 Crimes of Omission

 An Uncertain Hour


Mary and Myra
   by Catherine Filloux

At a Glance

Category: Live Radio Production 

Originally Performed:

Duke Power Theatre

345 N. College St
Charlotte, NC 28202
April 30, 2005



Produced by Special Arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY      


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Produced by Special Arrangment with Playscripts, Inc.
Brooklyn, New York

  Directed by Elizabeth Peterson-Vita 


Linda Callahan
Linda York Fisher


Live Internet radio theatre from Actors Scene Unseen presents Mary and Myra by Catherine Filloux. On May 20, 1875 Mary Todd Lincoln was sent to an insane asylum by her only living son, Robert Todd Lincoln, and her friend, Myra Bradwell, America's first woman lawyer, came to her aid.



 Crimes of Omission

 An Uncertain Hour



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