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Production Services

Guaranteed Spoken Word Airplay


  No longer a forgotten gendre, Spoken Word gets the recognition it deserves. Airplay on Actors Scene Unseen is just a few clicks away.


Scenic, Lighting, Sound and Production Design Services 


Actors Scene Unseen has it's own inventory and can rent anything you need from an infinite catalogue of lighting, sound, projection, and scenic products.


  • Event, Theatre, House of Worship, and Permanent Installations
  • The latest in computer control for Lighting and Sound
  • Designs and systems created by a Broadway Trained lighting and sound designer
  • The latest in LED, moving fixture, and color changing technology
  • Stunning, yet cost-effective solutions to suit your project and budget
  • Custom designed audio systems for event or permanent installation
  • Spectacular sound scapes custom designed for your productions

For more information about production services contact or call (704) 533-1187.



ExpressIt Productions


Produce your Play, Book, or Poetry as an Audio Work.


Most of the publishers we work with in our season will not consider a script for publication unless it has had a significant production. For these publishers Actors Scene Unseen productions are significant.


EXPressIt Productions is a new service from Actors Scene Unseen that can deliver a significant production production credit. Your play can dovetail seamlessly into our current season offerings. What on-demand publishing has brought to the literary and independent music worlds, Actors Scene Unseen brings to the theatre world.


Click here for more information about ExpressIt Productions!


Voice Demo


Actors Scene Unseen has produced over 50 live radio theatre broadcasts and 5 commercial CDs with more coming in the near future. We can produce your Voice Demo with your headshot on the CD face to get attention and results.  


Your Voice CD Demo Package is professionally, planned, executed, and manufactured in our Charlotte, NC recording studio. The basic package includes 10 copies of the final CD. We will retain copies of the material for the CD for two years.


The basic CD package consists of a single CD in clear paper or plastic packaging of your choice. Alternate packaging or additional artwork is available on a limited basis at an additional quoted cost.


Basic Photo Voice Demo CD Package

  • Selection of the material for the Voice Demo CD with interviews and questionaire
  • Accent and character coaching as required
  • Recording of the material including full monologues or pieces
  • Selection and editing of the full recordings to tight industry-standard length tracks
  • Post production with the addition of music  and/or sound effects
  • Scanning or digital photography of your headshot 
  • Mastering of the CD voice tracks and the CD artwork
  • Printing and assembly of the final CDs
  • Ten (10) copies of the final CD; Additional copies: $10 each
  • Materials retained for two years
  • Packaging Options: Slim jewel case, molded CD case, clear window paper sleeve
  • Price: $350

For more information or a appointment contact or call (704) 533-1187.



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