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 Mary and Myra



An Uncertain Hour
   by Nicholas A. Patricca

At a Glance

Category: Live Radio Production 

Originally Performed:

Virginia Holocaust Museum

Richmond, VA
July 23 & 24, 2005

Duke Power Theatre

345 N. College St
Charlotte, NC 28202
May 28, 2005


Program (VAHM)

Program (NC)


Produced by Special Arrangement with Dramatic Publishing Company, Woodstock, Ill    


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Produced by Special Arrangment with Dramatic Publishing Company
Woodstock, Illinois

  Directed by Elizabeth Peterson-Vita 


Brian Daye
Ted Delorme
Linda York Fisher
James K. Flynn
Tim Gockel (VAHM Production)
Michael Grew
Hugh Loomis
Dael Waxman (NC Production) 


An Uncertain Hour tells the story of the transformation of Primo Levi, an Italian-Jewish chemist, because of his experience in Auschwitz. The play poetically explores the spiritual struggle at the heart of all of Primo Levi's writing: the dual effort of every person to resist spiritual as well as physical extinction and to construct a meaning for human existence.



 Mary and Myra




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